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Tote Bag Pattern

Can you really ever have too many bags? I don't think so!

Bags are an addiction of mine, really have to stop myself from purchasing every pretty bag I see. Do love to make them too! They are so useful for holding yarn projects, or going grocery shopping.

I'm not sure why I purchased this yarn, maybe because of the color and it looked interesting online. Once I got the yarn in the mail..... I wasn't so sure it was a good purchase. It took me a long time to figure out what to make with it.

Hoooked Wavy Blends (80% recycled cotton, 20% other recycled fibers, 284 yards /260 meters, 8.8 ounces / 250 grams) 1 skein

It doesn't feel like "normal" yarn, it's not soft. Doesn't really feel like cotton either, not sure how to describe how it feels. It is really easy to crochet with though. Because it's quite smooth it doesn't split or grab the hook like some cotton yarns.

I'm pretty sure I purchased it on the Love Crafts Website. It comes in a good variety of colors.

This pattern is quick and easy after the initial start up rounds. You could make the bag with any cotton or cotton blend yarn but the size will change.

What color would you make the tote bag?

What would you use it for?

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry. Use the coupon code: Patterns25Off for 25% off.

The pattern is also here on my Website for 25% off.

I hope you enjoy the pattern! As always - if you have any questions about the pattern please email me:

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One of my favorite totes to make!



I'm a bag junkie too!



No, you can never have enough bags! I the color of your bag. Reminds me of the beach or sea glass. Very coastal and I'm a beachy, coastal kinda girl. It would be my summer/beach bag! But as I said you can't have too many bags, so maybe make a few different colors for different occasions!


They have some great colors in that yarn! Tempted to get a few lol.



Oh that's nice Audrey. I love the spicy harvest color yarn too. I always think I wanna make a bag but I never do. (I know I am not in the 10 I just wanted to comment).



I’d make it in green for my granddaughter. She loves bad and the color green.

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