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CMD Pattern Club 2024

Updated: Feb 2

I’m always trying to find ways for everyone to save money on my patterns or to get some for free.  In the past years I had a pattern club on FB, but interest has been dwindling.  So I will try something new and easier in 2024.

The cost is $25/year.

Each month there will be a new coupon code for $5 off any pattern in my Ravelry store. Yes - if a pattern is $5 in the store, and you pick that one, it will be free.

In past years people have forgotten to use the monthly coupon code so I have set these up to work from the beginning of the specific month until the end of the year. That way if you forget one month you can use it the next month of anytime until Dec. 31, 2024. Or you can decide to save a monthly code for any time during the year on any new pattern.

You can purchase the club membership through paypal. Just email me ( with your paypal email, I will send you an invoice, once it’s paid I will send you the link to the website page with the coupon codes.

Or you can purchase the membership on my website HERE.

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So glad you decided to do this again Audrey!! Bought mine!!

Me gusta

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Fantastic idea, sign me up...RO TFL

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