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Starburst Dreams Baby Blanket

If you haven't figured it out yet - I love texture! lol. I had some skeins of Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran in purple and grey sitting in a cubby for a long time just waiting to be used. Finally decided on a square blanket worked from the inside out. This way the blanket is as big as the amount of yarn I have, don't have to worry about it being wider than it is long.

How do I design a blanket from the inside out?

I started out with a stitch diagram I found for a square. Added to it to make the square a big larger, then started looking for the next stitch pattern that would look nice with the square. Once the next section was done I needed to find a stitch that used the bobble/puff to make it sort of look like it belonged lol. This is how I make most patterns that have different stitch patterns. Start with one.... then figure out the next one.

I quite like this yarn. It's so easy to crochet with, soft, and no splitting. I have used it for many different projects. Seems that all the colors are the same thickness, which is definitely something to mention. Very few brands have the same thickness between colors. Should also mention that I placed an order a few months ago, had it shipped home to Canada & ended up paying extra duties and fees at the post office. The package came from the UK! This was the first time that happened, usually the orders came from the US. According to their website they do have a warehouse in the US, so maybe I will have to put off ordering from LoveCrafts until I'm in the US for the winter. Not a fan of paying extra fees.

Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran (100% Acrylic, 201 yards / 184 meters, 3.5 ounces 100 grams) 5.5 skeins

The color combinations are endless! Kim created the blanket it beautiful colors I would not have thought to use. But I love the result!

Tania crocheted her test blanket in a solid color. Love this as well! The stitches and texture show up beautifully.

This is what Tania had to say about the pattern:

I loved having the opportunity to test the Starburst Dreams Baby Blanket. Centre out blankets are my favourite make, as you can see progress quite quickly. I love the way popcorns are done in this pattern, they add texture without detracting from the beautiful symmetry of the design.

The blanket is 35% off for the next 3 days on Ravelry only (4/24 - 4/26)!

The coupon code is: Starburst35

Please give the pattern a "heart" while you are there :)


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful design! The texture is very pleasing and I love that it isn't just one stitch for the blanket.

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