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Mary Maxim Value Yarn

I have been trying to find a yarn to replace Bernat Premium. The Bernat is my favorite yarn for blankets, but if I want to do a striped blanket..... it's not the best. Seems that every color is a different thickness.

It has been years since I ordered any yarn from Mary Maxim. Someone posted that they had free shipping a while back so I ordered a few different types of yarn to try.

I'm not a fan of this yarn. It's quite a bit thinner than the Bernat Premium, but still labelled as a #4 worsted weight. It's like Lion Brand Pound of Love, a bit on the thin side. Not as soft as the Bernat either, though it may soften after it's been washed.

Out of the 5 skeins, I managed to pull from the center on two of them. The others I ended up rewinding from the outside. Made a mess of the skeins trying to find the center :(

The 5 skeins is enough to make a decent size throw, even using a 7 / 4.5 mm hook.

Will I buy the yarn again. No. Beginning to think that from now on all my blankets will be a solid color so I can use the Bernat Premium.

Here are the two projects I created with the yarn. A blanket I will donate to Project Linus, and a cowl that will get donated to Chase the Chill Edmonton.

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