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Foundation Stitches - Must learn!

The first time I tried a fsc (foundation single crochet) to start a blanket.... it didn't work. Really didn't like it. Gave up. Went back to the chain and then sc the first row. But it's so hard to count chains. So after watching many many youtube videos and reading descriptions on the fsc I finally found one that just clicked with me. It's just an extended single crochet! How hard is that! Learning the fsc was a game changer for me! Still a lot of counting, but I learned to add a stitch marker for every 50 stitches. It's easier to count to 50 5.5 times then to count to 275 once.

So now I have it as the first row on all my patterns. Why chain then sc when you could do it all in one row and have it look like the last row of the project. So far I haven't used the foundation half double crochet (fhdc) or the foundation double crochet (fdc) stitches. Might have to figure out a pattern where I could start with them.

The video from Knit and Crochet Ever After is the one that worked for me.

Of course there are hundreds of videos to help you learn the stitches.... it's hard to decide which one to watch. Sometimes you do have to watch a lot of find the one that works for you.

Here are some videos from designers I "know", maybe one of the videos will click with you and help you learn this amazing stitch. Really..... no need to at least learn the fsc stitch! It will change your crochet journey.

Two Brothers Blankets (also has left handed instructions), also videos on the fsc and fhdc

I hope this helps! Let me know if something clicks and you learn the stitches :)


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I love the foundation stitch to start a project. It is easier to do as far as I am concerned! And, indeed, stitch markers are always your friend 😊


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It took me several tries to finally get the hang of it, and it was SO worth the effort! I also use the stitch marker method of counting. Total game changers!

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