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Don't Buy This Yarn

Over the past few months I have been trying different yarns for making blankets. The Red Heart Comfort looked like a good price. Since I'm donating all the blankets I'm trying to make them a bit more affordable.

The green is called Melon, and the darker color is Purple. They are both Red Heart Comfort, but not the same thickness. The green is definitely thicker than the purple. If I was going to sell the pattern, I would have had to leave out the purple. But since it's a donated blanket.... if they aren't quite the same it still works out.

The yarn isn't soft, my hands find it scratchy. My hands are sensitive to wool and this is what the yarn feels like even though it's 100% acrylic. The yarn is evenly wound, doesn't split and crochets nicely, I just don't like the way it feels. There was 1 knot in one of the green skeins, no knots in the purple skein.

There is an amazing amount of colors for the Comfort Yarn, but I won't buy it again. After the blanket is finished I will wash it and hope that it gets softer. Hoping to donate it to Project Linus.

So it's the right price, just not the right yarn. Guess I'll keep looking & trying different yarns.

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