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Cable Accessory Patterns

Updated: Mar 4

The last bunch of months I seem to be creating a lot of patterns with cables. Never would have thought that would happen! But once I got started..... I just couldn't stop lol

After making the 4 cable blankets I thought it would be fun to make some accessory pattern using cables.

Started with the beanie. It's a top down pattern, since that seems to be everyone's favorite way to make beanies. The pattern is written in 4 sizes.

Then I thought matching fingerless gloves would be nice. Hadn't designed a fingerless gloves pattern in a while. I prefer patterns with a fitted thumb. What about you?

Why not a cowl and scarf. (Everyone is always looking for a scarf pattern for a man. This one would be perfect!) They use different stitch patterns, though the cowl one does almost match the beanie and gloves.

After those were done the last thing I thought would be a quick pattern is the ear warmers. They are made in short rows so you can make them any length to fit any head.

The beanie pattern has been published today. The other patterns will be published over the next 4 months.

You can purchase them all separately. Don't forget to use the 25% off coupon code! (Patterns25Off)

Here is the link for the beanie pattern:

You can purchase the E-Book now on Ravelry, the other 4 patterns will be added to the E-Book as they are published. The cost from March - July will be $15, after July it will be $20.

The E-Book is also available on Etsy with all the pattern included:

The E-Book can also be purchase here on the website. All the patterns are on 1 pdf:

If you purchase 1 or more of the patterns and make an item, I would love to see photos in the FB group and also projects linked on Ravelry.

I hope you enjoy the cable patterns as much as I did designing them!

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