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Yarn Review: Mary Maxim Mellowspun DK

Updated: Apr 11

In 2023 I had decided to try some different yarns. It had been a long time since I had ordered anything from MaryMaxim. Usually their shipping costs were ridiculous. I was receiving their catalogues in the mail so always "up to date" on what they had. One day I decided to sign up for their email newsletters and updates. All of a sudden they had a free shipping day! WOOHOO! So I went shopping ..... not going to turn down free shipping!

Mary Maxim Mellowspun DK (100% Acrylic, 284 yards / 260 meters, 3.5 ounces / 100 grams) Color: Wheat

Not sure why I picked this colors, maybe because it was different than the colors I would usually pick. It's not a bad color, maybe a bit washed out looking. The yarn is a true dk weight in my humble opinion. It's very soft, does split a bit if you aren't a bit careful. It's a bit fuzzy, so unravels well the first time, but after that it starts to stick together a bit. The more times you unravel the fuzzier it seems to get.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely. The price isn't bad, & if I can get free or discounted shipping.... bonus!

I created this "crescent" shawl with the yarn. It's a quick and easy pattern. Perfect for a beginner. The first 3 rows create a very gentle crescent shape.

This is the shawl created by Chris when she tested the pattern.

Tracy crochet the shawl with self striping yarn when she

tested the pattern.

One of the best parts of designing is seeing what yarn the testers use and the pattern can look very different in different yarns.

The pattern can be found on Ravelry, Etsy & the website.

If you purchase the pattern and have any questions please email me and I will try my best to help :)


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Lovely pattern! Review of the yarn makes me interested in trying it

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