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Where to Donate Your Crochet

The whole point of starting to crochet for me was to give back. My boys lived in the city where there were so many different places to donate, and winters are crazy cold there!

As I started to design I still needed to have places to donate my items too, but where we live now it's difficult. Thankfully I have a very good friend who takes my things when she's coming through town (2-3 times a year) and then gives them to different charities or organizations. Some of my items go to a warming center, some to a hospice, a home for women, and also to older people living in an assisted living home.

Many of my FB friends also donate to charities and organizations. There are also always people looking for places to donate so I put out the question "Where can people donate?"

Here is a short list. If you know of other places I could add to this list please email me!

Chase the Chill Original (North America)

Also check with your local missions, churches, hospitals etc. You never know! They may be looking for something made by you!

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