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Tuesday Chats

It's Tuesday again?! My gosh this year is just flying by. It's almost the end of March which means hubby & I are leaving Texas soon. We will be leaving Bandera on Saturday, so hopefully home by Wednesday, April 3, if everything goes as planned. Will depend on the weather and if the roads are clear & dry.

I would like to thank everyone who read my first "Tuesday Chats" last week :)

No one commented... but at least a few people read it lol.

Are you working on the Weekend CAL? Did you add your photo to the post in the Main Group? I love to see everyone's finished projects! One of the best parts of designing is seeing all the different yarns/colors my testers use to make the project, and what other people use when making one of my patterns.

If you recall I was asked a bunch of questions that people wanted to know about me months ago. Some of them made me laugh!

"Did you ever hide yarn from your hubby?"

Ummmm no lol, our house is too small to hide anything. Where have you hidden yarn from your husband? :)

"Do you drink coffee while crocheting test items?"

Absolutely! But only in the mornings. If I have coffee in the afternoon I have too much trouble sleeping. And I love my sleep!

"Did you ever stop crocheting for other than a few weeks?"

What?! Stop Crocheting? That would be like asking my husband to stop breathing.... lol Though I have stopped for a day or two when we are travelling. I may not crochet those days, but I'm definitely thinking about upcoming patterns while we are driving.


Watch for this post coming on Friday!


This week is my turn to feature a pattern for sale in the Crochet Designer Group. You can find the link and coupon code HERE on the group page.

Did you know that I have a crochet milestone coming in fall?! I had no idea it was about to happen but one of my testers pointed it out. Wow - who knew that day would ever come. Working on a special pattern for that day :) Can't wait to show everyone!

Most months so far this year I have been hosting a Weekend CAL as well as Find the Gnome. I have made the decision to alternate months with these 2 events. It was just getting to be a bit hard to keep up with everything. Plus there are some games I would like to try in my VIP Group where people can win patterns. Some days I feel like I need to hire an assistant..... lol.

Well that's it for this week. There won't be a "Chat" next week or an "April Newsletter" since hubby & I will be on our way home.

You can find all of my links here:

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I like this Tuesday Chats. I missed last week as my hubby has been sick and I was very busy with him. Be safe on your drive home starting this weekend. I’ve enjoyed y’all being here in Texas which is my home state and where I live. All the pics you’ve shared of places here in Texas you visited have been awesome. Take care and will be looking for your next post!


I love this Beachy Bag. Looking forward to what's coming up.


Safe travels!!! I am glad to see I am not the only one who can only drink coffee in the earlier part of the day. Any caffeine after 2 pm and I will be up all night. LOL And if you ever decide to bring on an assistant, let me know. :) I have currently been working on crossbody bags (small purse type, not fanny pack style) and learning tunisian crochet. So much FUN!

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Thank you!

I have tried tunisian crochet, love the look, but it's just too slow for me lol


Special milestone for the fall...I was going to say 5 years since your first design but that is past already. I am going to say 500 crochet designs maybe....whatever it is, I am looking forward to see what you release for the special day!

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Thank you!

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