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SUNDANCE Whirlwind Review

In 2022 I wanted to try some different yarns just for fun. Seems that I get stuck in a rut and use the same yarns over and over. Does this happen to you? We find one we really like and just keep buying it?

This yarn was purchased because I liked the color, wanted to try something new, and since I had a coupon for free shipping... why not? lol.

At first I thought I would create a pattern for a hat and scarf set, but then decided to make a baby blanket instead.


The yarn is 100% acrylic and really soft. I quite like it. The skein is 10 oz / 280 g / 275 yds / 252 m, and labelled as #5 weight. The wrapper calls for a 6.5 mm hook however I couldn't find mine so I used a 6 mm hook instead. It works. Whirlwind can be purchased as Individual Skeins, or in Packages of 3 skeins.

The yarn is very nice to work with, though you do have to be a bit careful when grabbing the yarn, it can split. The color changes are a bit abrupt for me, would be nice if they flowed together a bit more.

The yarn is easy to unravel if you happen to make a mistake. This is very important to me as when I'm designing I tend to unravel a lot while coming up with a stitch pattern I like.

While crocheting the baby blanket I just let the colors change where they may, since I was pretty sure I would need all 3 skeins of the yarn purchased. Some people like to cut the colors so that a new color always starts at the beginning of a row..... for me this is a waste of yarn lol. What happens if you have to cut of 2 ft of yarn?! Plus that would mean weaving ends! Not my favorite thing to do.

Unfortunately the best place to purchase the yarn is at Herrschners. If you live in the US you seem to get better shipping rates and free shipping more often. Since I live in Canada, shipping from Herrschners is ridiculous and they have free shipping maybe once a year. I try to catch their emails about the free shipping and take advantage of the coupon code.

Below is a photo of the finished baby blanket. Super soft, squishy and cozy. Would I buy this yarn again? Absolutely! I think it would make an amazing blanket for our cold Canadian winters. The next time Herrschners has free shipping I may have to buy enough for a blanket for myself!

The pattern for the blanket can be found on Ravelry.

Use this coupon code for 50% off until April 30, 2023: Whirlwind

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