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Summer Stash Busting Challenge

It's that time of the year! We all know there is yarn in our "collections" that has been around way too long! It's time to make room for some new yarn we have been wanting to purchase. I have decided that the 3 summer months will be the months I use up as much of that yarn as I can on different projects. The plan is to not use any of my new yarn until the "old" yarn is mostly gone.... it's going to be so hard! It's always fun creating new projects with new yarn!

So let's see how much we can use up from June 1 - August 31. That is 3 months to make 3 or more projects? Should be do-able I think.

What is the challenge?

You will find the graphic above in the Canoe Mtn Designs & Friends FB group. In that post add a photo of the yarn you want to use up this summer. Post the photo before June 3rd. Pick patterns that are quick and easy, or more challenging that use the yarn you have chosen.


Here is a list of FREE patterns by myself & some of my designer friends for you to look at. You may find the perfect pattern for one of your projects!

Purdy Sweet Crochet:


Starting on July 1 I will be hosting a Scrap Blanket CAL here on the website. Be sure to check for links in my FB groups at the end of June.

Also coming in July is another $2 pattern event with all patterns being scrap busting patterns! So many amazing fun projects by my designer friends. :)


Well - haven't quite decided what we will do in August lol. Definitely open to suggestions!

June, July & August

Each month I will post the graphic again so we can post progress photos and see how much of the yarn we have used.

Here are photos of the yarn I'm going to use up in the Challenge. It's all yarn that has been here for 2+ years. Some of it is left over from making shawls. Since the teals, green, cream, white & purples are all the same brand/weight I may mix & match them for something fun. The grey..... not sure what I will do with that. All of the yarn is dk weight. Too thin for a blanket? So maybe shawls to donate to the hospice? Double up the yarn for scarves to donate? Part of the problem with yarn left over is there are too many options of what to do with it! I also found 4 skeins of a lighter purple..... will probably be a shawl.

The last photo with the purples and white are being used for a square baby blanket. It's still in the process of being created.... wonder how big it will be?

I have actually used the 2 skeins of green and 2 skeins of cream color to make a wrap. Still have some left of each color, so might double them up to make a scarf? Cowl?

It's time to go search your yarn collection for the yarn you want to use in the Challenge! Quick.... do it now before you forget!

Take a photo.

Add it to the post in the Canoe Mtn Designs & Friends FB group before June 3rd.

I can't wait to see what yarn you choose and what you create with it :)



Buy2Get1- purchase 2 patterns and get the 3rd free. Add 3 patterns to your cart & the lowest priced pattern will show as free.

Patterns25Off - 25% off any pattern

25% off all the time.


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What a great idea! I will have to dive into my mess and snag a few photos!

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Can't wait to see the yarn!

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