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Ionia Heather Shawl Pattern

Last year I decided I would create patterns specifically for 2 of my favorite aunts. It was harder than I originally thought! I wanted something different, with great texture & in a triangle shape. Took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do. It is labelled as an "intermediate" crochet pattern, but if you are an adventurous beginner who doesn't give up easy.... you will be able to create this shawl as well.

Since this was a special shawl I used my favorite yarn for shawls: Estelle Yarns Worsted (50% Acrylic,40% Wool, 10% Nylon, 200 meters, 100 grams) Color: Clear Water Heather - 4.5 Skeins

Love this yarn! It would work for any project really. It's labelled as a worsted weight (#4) but it's a light worsted, almost dk weight. Super easy to crochet with, slides nicely on the hook & no splitting. It comes in a huge variety of colors, makes it hard to choose one! I purchased the yarn at YarnCanada, but they have since closed their website. You can find it at though.

Ionia [ ahy-oh-nee-uh  ]


  1. an ancient region on the W coast of Asia Minor and on adjacent islands in the Aegean: colonized by the ancient Greeks.

When it came time to give the pattern I name I was stumped. So I asked in one of my crochet groups for ideas. There were a lot of ideas, but this one jumped out at me.

The pattern is 25% off on Etsy, no coupon code needed.

And also 25% off on Ravelry with this coupon code: Patterns25Off

Pin & and save for later.

I hope you love this pattern as much as I do!


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful pattern!

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