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Favorite All Purpose Yarns

Yarns that can be used for any type of project. Hmmmmm, going to have to think about this one for a bit! (this yarn post took the longest to write)

What yarn can be used for hats, shawls, blankets, gloves etc?

You would think that my obvious first choice is Bernat Premium, but I think I will start moving away from the yarn. The colors aren't even thicknesses anymore, it's getting harder to find at an affordable price, and when I do find it, there are limited colors available. I have never made a shawl with it. I know quite a few designers like to create patterns for shawls using worsted weight yarn, but I haven't yet.

So, if I'm not going to use the Premium yarn, what yarn will I have on hand in different colors for many projects?

If I lived in the US I would say Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn is one of my first choices. But I can only purchase it when I'm in the US, so not that yarn. It would be a great yarn for any project, even shawls. It's not a true worsted weight (in my opinion), so a shawl wouldn't be to bulky feeling.

Well - I just mentioned 2 yarns that I can't get on a regular basis, or probably won't use any more.

What yarns can I get whenever I want (ordering online), and would use for any project? The yarns are listed in no particular order, just as I think about them. (click on the photos to go to the patterns)

Mary Maxim Maximum Value Yarn

I haven't mentioned this yarn yet! Thankfully the yarn is available in Canada & the US. The price is right, it comes in a large skein & and a good variety of colors. I purchased some last year and used it for a blanket pattern that will be free soon on my website. It's labelled as worsted weight, but it's lighter. Closer to the Hobby Lobby yarn. It's a nice yarn, maybe a bit light for a Canadian blanket, but the blanket is still warm. I will definitely by it again. You can find it HERE on the US site & HERE on the Canadian site.

This is the blanket I made with the yarn. (pattern coming soon)

Stylecraft Special Aran

This time I won't talk about Paintbox yarn. It's more expensive, less yardage, and the last time I ordered from Love Crafts I had to pay duties at the post office.

So I will use more of the Stylecraft Special Aran from Wool Warehouse in the UK. They always have every color available, and a great selection of colors. It is a tiny bit thinner than the Paintbox yarn, but availability is very important. The Stylecraft yarn is also more affordable. You get a few more yards for less money. Another great reason to buy the yarn! It's nice and soft, easy to work with, no splitting & unravels well many times in a row. (I know this from experience).

These scarves where crocheted with the Stylecraft yarn. (click on photo for the pattern)

Bernat Super Value

This is a good multipurpose yarn. I would definitely use it for any project. It's relatively soft, definitely easy to crochet with, comes in a good selection of colors, & you can buy it online in quite a few places. It's not as soft as the Stylecraft or Paintbox yarns, but it's a bit thicker. All the colors I've used have been an even thickness, so making a striped item isn't an issue. So far I've crocheted a baby blanket with this yarn (pattern coming soon) as well as an infinity scarf that is a free pattern on this website. I have some yarn left over from the projects so will make some hats or maybe another scarf to donate.

I have bought the yarn at Herrschners & Mary Maxim (Canada).

This is the free scarf pattern. (click on photo for the pattern)

Red Heart Comfort

I have mixed feelings about this yarn. Some colors are ok, some are not very soft. Some are easy to crochet with, some split. The colors seem to be equal thicknesses, so that's a plus. After the item is washed it does get softer. It is available on quite a few sites (Yarnspirations & Mary Maxim) and usually at Walmart. I like the fact that it comes in larger skeins, and if you can find the right site, there are a variety of colors to choose from.

If you like Red Heart Super Saver you will like this yarn.

I have crocheted blankets, scarves and hats with this yarn. Here is a free scarf pattern on my website using Red Heart Comfort. (click on photo for the pattern)

Premier Basix Worsted Yarn

This is another yarn I have mixed feelings about. When it first came out I purchased a bunch of different colors to try it out. Wasn't a fan. It's not as soft as I had hoped. That was a few years ago & I have purchased some lately. It's waiting in a storage cube to get used. Purchased Christmas colors for a "Christmas in July" project, still working out the details for the pattern.

When I purchased all those colors I ended up making a blanket. It turned out just fine and was softer than I originally thought. But the worsted is not as soft as the basix dk. (click on photo for the pattern)

Herrschners Heathers

Well.... a yarn I had never used before. Since I was in Texas for the winter, and Herrschners had really cheap shipping to the Continental US, I decided to try it. I purchased the sampler pack with a variety of colors. I quite like this yarn! The original plan was to make a blanket with all the different colors, but I just couldn't come up with a pattern I was happy with. So I have made one hat pattern & have another in the works. The yarn is quite soft, no splitting, and unravels well. I have since ordered the Palette Pack again and a few other colors. You can also buy individual colors as well.

Here is the first beanie pattern I made. The pattern has been tested and will be published later this year.

I think that's it. Didn't mention any self striping yarns. Even though they are pretty and lovely to crochet with.... it's hard to see stitch definition with most of those yarns. Texture is important to me & I like people to be able to see the stitch pattern in a photo.

During the winter I purchased some more yarns I haven't tried yet, so I may add to this list at some point lol. Premier has some new "budget" yarns that I want to try. And I have some more Herrschners yarn waiting for a project as well. Since everything I create for the most part gets donated I try to keep the costs as low as possible, but still use nice yarn for a pretty project.

I would love to know what your favorite all purpose yarn is! Leave a comment below, message me on FB, or send an email. I will reply to all messages :)

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