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Denim Grace by Willow Yarns

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Love this yarn!

Unfortunately you can only purchase it at For me as a Canadian, this isn't the best place to buy yarn. Shipping costs are crazy! They only offer free shipping to Canada once or twice a year and I seem to miss those notifications. Did manage to get the free shipping once last year and purchased the Denim Grace Bag of 5 in the Mid Wash color, and also the Denim Grace Palette Sampler.

The yarn is labelled as worsted.... it's not. It's definitely dk weight. But it is beautiful! Absolutely love the way it crochets, the way it feels, and the way it drapes in a shawl. The beanies are so soft and cozy :) Scarves are warm and squishy. It's a great yarn. If you get a chance you should absolutely buy some to try.

They do have another Palette Sampler with more colors! You can also buy the colors separately.

The Beanie Pattern

"Denim Grace Slouch Beanie. A quick beanie pattern that is easily adjusted to any size. A fun and easy texture with a 4 row repeat. Created with pretty light weight yarn perfect for cooler spring/fall weather."

The beanie pattern includes 3 sizes:

Child: 19.5” x 8.5”

Teen: 20.5” x 9.5”

Adult: 22” x 11”

The Collection

I ended up making a whole collection of patterns with this yarn. The Denim Grace Shawl pattern has been released already. Now the beanie pattern. They can be purchased separately, or you can buy the whole bundle and save lots of $$! (click on the photo below to go to that listing). The Collection is $18 for 2023. That is basically "buy 4 patterns get 3 free"!

I hope you have found this interesting and helpful in some way. Maybe even prodded you to buy some yarn! lol (like we need prodding....)

Happy Crocheting My Friends!


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