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Delilah Beanie

One of my favorite yarns for beanies is Lionbrand Heartland. The label says it's a worsted weight, and I guess it is, but it's definitely a light worsted weight yarn.

It's so soft and easy to work with. If you wanted to make a shawl it would drape beautifully. I have made scarves with it as well, they are cozy and warm. But most of the time I will create hats with it.

They have introduced new colors in the last year. Might have to purchase a few lol. Just wish they had more matching colors, or colors that worked well together. It's so hard to tell on the computer what they really look like.

The colors I used happened to be ones I took along to Texas last winter. Only had 1 skein of each color, which is enough for a beanie.

The pattern creates a slouch beanie, but can be made shorter, or fold the brim if you don't want it to slouch.

The pattern is on sale for 30% off until the end of Thursday (June 22). No coupon code needed - just a regular sale.

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