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Crochet for Mother's Day

Do you crochet gifts for your mother for Mother's Day? I never got the chance. My mom and mother-in-law both passed away before I was crocheting well enough to give gifts. It would have been fun though to give them handmade gifts :) They both would have loved anything I made for them.

If you are still looking for ideas for Mother's Day Gifts I have collected a few ideas for you from some of my favorite designer friends.

Click on the photo to go to the pattern. There is a description from the designer about their pattern under each photo.


Imagination Spa Set

by Marsha Yarn Doodles

The Imagination Spa Set includes 5 patterns: storage basket, luxurious scrubbies, washcloths, soap sack, and back scrubber. The set was made to empower you to pamper yourself (and others!), and the texture is perfect for washing away the stresses of modern-day life.


The Aphrodite Cushion Cover

by Elimee Designs

Give the gift of handmade love this Mother's Day with the Aphrodite Cushion Cover crochet pattern. Adorned with charming heart motif created through vibrant colour work, this pattern promises to add warmth and coziness to any space.


Aurora Wrap Crochet Pattern

by Regina P Designs

This light flowy shoulder wrap can also be used as a super soft scarf . This pattern is a variation of my Splendid Stitch design and also includes the multiples needed to adapt this stitch pattern to other sizes.


Mom Cup Cozy

by Simply Hooked by Janet

The Mom Cup Cozy pattern is a tapestry crochet design that uses worsted weight yarn. A perfect item for gifting to a Mom!


Ocean Waves Shawl Pocket

by Maria Bruni Designs

Wrap yourself in this beautifully textured, warm, and cozy shawl pocket. The subtle chevron stitch used in this shawl creates a delicate, lacey, and elegant finish, while providing the shawl with a stunning scalloped edge.


Ambrosia Washcloth

by The Crochet Village

This gorgeous washcloth pattern makes lovely gift sets for any occasion and it’s also a great way to use your leftover yarns and stock up your market’s inventory and shops.


Trellis Mitts

by ReVe Designs Co

These cute, comfortable, textured and squishy fingerless gloves are designed to fit a medium lady’s hand. The “Trellis” design is created from a 2-round repeat which includes a variation on standard crochet cross-stitch.


Spring Tea Shawl

by Canoe Mtn Designs

This shawl is the perfect balance of lacy yet cozy for those cool spring days/evenings. Each section uses the same stitches but in a different way/pattern. There is enough variety in the stitches so you don’t get bored as the project grows.

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so many nice things what do I choose, love them all.

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wow!! So many cool things

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So many fabulous designs to choose! Thanks for rounding them up !

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The designers/patterns you have included in today’s blog are stunning. It’s hard to decide which one I want to try! Thanks Audrey!

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