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10 Questions with Salty Pearl Crochet

What is your name, business name & where do you live?

Hey there! I'm Katie Clary, the crochet designer behind Salty Pearl Crochet. We're a military (USMC!) family so we move around quite a bit. Currently we are located in Central Alabama, but we hope to go back to our chosen home in Central Florida soon!

What are 3 adjectives that best define your business?

I would have to say that I strive to be Fun, Simple, and Effortless whenever possible. I'm all about sharing fun tutorials to help make crocheting easier so you can get into the flow of it!

How did you get started designing?

When I was an Etsy seller, I started noticing that the top Etsy sellers had PDF patterns that used really ugly fonts, and simple graphics. I started playing around making items that went in a set with my favorite designs, then one day I got the idea for my first "real" pattern- my Chunky Cabled Heart Hat- and I just had to see it come to life! After that, I was hooked!

Favorite part of designing?

There are so many great little moments in the design process that feel so incredibly rewarding! I love when I get an idea and a stitch count works out magically, without complex math. I love getting to customize my item to the exact vision I have in my head. And it feels incredible to tie off that last stitch and be finished, knowing I get to share it with crocheters who are going to be so excited to make one.

What is most important to you when choosing yarn for a design? Look? Feel? Weight?

Usually I tend to go by fiber, because I often want my items to feel a certain way when I wear them. Most times, that means I want cool cotton yarn with a blend of linen or silk or wool for something smooth and luxurious, paired with an airy stitch.

Do you have a favorite yarn?

Honestly, no. There are so many yarns I keep coming back to (Caron Cakes, for one!), and I certainly have staples in my stash (Lion Brand Coboo, and an embarrassing amount of Lily Sugar 'n Cream and WeCrochet Dishie), but my favorite part of being a crochet designer is that I get to go to yarn stores and buy new yarns guilt free, because it's a business investment!

Which project are you most proud of (photo)?

Probably my Clear Skies Cardigan! The whole process, from start to finish, was just magical. You can tell from the photos how much it fits me- not just my body's shape and size, but the best version of who I want to be- happy, at peace, and creating- from the beach. (

What inspires you when you create?

Inspiration is everywhere- in a new pretty yarn, in the ocean and nature, in the stories I watch and listen to. But what actually gets me to sit down and crochet is the feeling of treating myself to something special. How cozy I'll be in a new blanket or cardigan, how I'll get to pamper myself with some face cloths, or how well a pretty yarn will match a dress I love in a new shawl.

If you could tell someone just starting to crochet one thing about crochet, what would it be?

I would tell them that you can do so much more than you imagine! Every single crochet project, ever, started with the same old knot and chain stitch. If you can yarn over and pull through, your possibilities are endless!

Where can we find you online?

You can see all my crochet patterns and tutorials on my blog,, but if you'd like to hang out, you can find me on Instagram @SaltyPearlCrochet (, or come join my Crochet Circle Facebook Group. ( I'm getting started on YouTube, too! My new channel is at and I'm working on adding crochet tutorials, stitch tutorials, and video patterns soon!


If you love to make hats Katie has a wonderful chart to help you get the perfect size! You can find it on her blog: Crochet Hat Sizes: the Flat Circle Method

Here are some more amazing pattern that are FREE on Katie's blog.

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Sharron Turner
Sharron Turner
21 de fev. de 2023

So nice to read this interview with Katie! She sounds like a great designer. Will be looking her up on Facebook. Thanks for sharing!

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