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10 Questions with Malynda's Crafts

What is your business name & where do you live?

Hello! I'm Malynda Parker, Malynda's Crafts, Taylor, Michigan, USA

What are 3 adjectives that best define your business:

adaptable, fun, creative

How did you get started designing?

My friend Andrea encouraged me to write patterns after I designed a baby blanket without a pattern. I really like the challenge of turning a vision into an actual item for others to create as well.

What is your favorite part of designing?

I love seeing the smile once the finished item is delivered. Most of my patterns are designed upon request.

What is most important to you when choosing yarn for a design? Look? Feel? Weight?

I usually have an image in my mind when designing and try to find yarn that will coincide. It truly depends on the item I am designing though; however, I prefer worsted weight yarn or a thin bulky yarn. Some items need structure and call for a stiffer yarn.

What is your favorite yarn?

Big Twist Value for Joann Fabrics, it is always soft.

Which project are you most proud of (photo)?

Volie's Ombre Shawl for the Cancer Cozy Comforts event in February.

What inspires you when you create?

Usually my creations are inspired by something I need for myself and/or family, or by a request from one of my clients.

If you could tell a beginner one thing about crochet, what would it be?

Do not give up! We all have to start somewhere, reach out to an experienced crocheter to be your mentor, and practice, practice, practice!

Where can we find you online?

I have an Instagram, Google business page, and two pages on Facebook, one for my crochet patterns and one for my finished items

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