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Wave if You see Us!

Hubby & I are ready to travel south for the winter! The snow has arrived in town and it's cold! We had thought we would leave on the 22nd but at the end of October decided it was getting to cold so we are leaving early. We waited to long..... The first photo below was taken 1.5 weeks ago, the 2nd photo was taken on Saturday. Things sure do change fast in a week!

This is our first time leaving for the most of the winter & our first time camping! Well..... we did camp in a tent a few times when the boys were little, but that was not as much fun as people led us to believe LOL.

It's a 5 - 6 day trip to get to Aransas Pass where we will be for the first 2 months. The first couple of nights on the drive will have to be in hotels, it's just way to cold up here to sleep in the trailer. Hopefully by day 4 it's warm enough so we don't have to pay for hotels.

If you happen to see us - honk and wave!

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That’s kind of us here in Minnesota. Just today it was warmish 60 with rain tomorrow maybe 45 with more rain. Not complaining about rain, it’s the snow that is coming shortly. Safe travels 👋🏕️🚚


Thank you!

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