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WANTED: Crochet Pattern Testers

Have you ever thought about testing a crochet pattern?

Canoe Mtn Designs is always looking for good testers :) You don't need to be an advanced crocheter, beginners are always wanted and encouraged to test. I try to write most of my patterns in a way that even a beginner can create the project, so love to have beginner crocheters test my patterns and let me know what needs to be explained better/easier.

Here are a couple of great articles on "what is a pattern tester":

If you decide to try pattern testing and join my CMD Testers Group on FB, there is a survey to fill out (featured post). When you join my group you will be expected to test at least 2 projects each year. There are anywhere from 4 - 6 tests each month.

As a CMD tester you receive a copy on Ravelry of the pattern you have tested (if you created a linked project page on Ravelry), and also a copy of any other pattern in my shop you would like. Every other month I have a give away for 1 tester, prizes are always different :)

Each test has it's own "conversation" on Ravelry where the testers can compare notes on the pattern, ask questions & show progress photos. The conversations are also a great way to connect with your fellow crochet enthusiasts.

Interested in trying it out? Please join my group!

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Anne Davis
Anne Davis
Jul 04, 2023

I've tested a few times, I'd like to test again now that schools off for summer.

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