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Tuesday Chats

Apparently as a crochet designer I'm supposed to have weekly newsletters.... but I have no idea what I'm supposed to write about every week! That is a lot of pressure. So instead of calling it a newsletter I've decided to call it "chats" with Audrey. What will I chat about.... your guess is as good as mine! LOL

Oh! Did you know that on Thursday there will be another Weekend CAL?

The material list will be posted on Thursday. You will need 3 colors. There will be one section posted each day from Friday - Sunday. If you participate and finish the project by Wednesday (posting a photo in the fb group), you have a chance to win a pattern from another one of my designer friends.

A friend & I started a FB group for crochet pattern designers. Each week a different designer features one of their patterns for sale. This is the pattern for this week. Click on the graphic to go to the FB page where you can find the link & coupon code.

Have you had time to check out the patterns that are on sale for $2 each in the New Arrivals Event? They are on sale until the end the 22nd. Click on the graphic to be taken to my blog post with all of the pattern links.


Quite a while ago I asked in one of my groups if anyone had questions about me. There were a lot of them!

Here is one and my answer:

Is it difficult to crochet what you need to and keep up with the business end of things while you're away from home so long?

Yes! That is the quick answer lol. "What I need too"? No, but that would be hard to do even if we were home all winter. There are crochet ideas rolling around in my head all of the time. While I'm crocheting a project I'm thinking about the next 5 projects lol.

If we get a lot of rain days I get more accomplished, if it's sunny and warm we try to get out on the motorcycle. No schedule or structure to my days in the winter.

The business side of things.... I never feel like I'm keeping up with that part. Writing a pattern, getting it tested, publishing it, promoting it... everything takes time. I never feel like there are enough hours in a day.

Then I make the mistake of looking at other designer websites, Ravelry/Etsy, chatting with other designers who are making over $1000 a week in pattern sales ($1000 a Week?!!! How does that happen?!!) & I think I'm not doing enough, should be selling more patterns, need to spend more time online, need to crochet faster, make more patterns .... it can become a vicious downward spiral if I'm not careful. When that happens I have to remind myself that I'm doing this for FUN!

"Stop Stressing Audrey! Do what you can & what happens happens! Only made $50 this week? That's $50 you didn't have last week! You are doing what you love/need to do. Keep going, it will all work out the way it's supposed to."

So I crocheted as much as possible this winter, did what I could with what I had along, purchased some yarn to fill in some holes in my supplies (sent lots home, it will feel like Christmas when I get home!)

Here is a sampling of patterns I have finished while wintering in TX and will be coming later in the year.

That's it for this week. Hopefully you found something interesting in this chat :) If you have a question about me or something you would like me to chat about, comment below.

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