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On the Road - Day 3 & 4

Day 3:

Mother nature is making sure we get winter :(

The roads were terrible for the first 4 hours. We drove in snow, ice packed/snow packed roads, and even some wet roads. The truck & camper are not getting cleaner.

A 20oz travel mug is not big enough.....

Day 4:

I do not miss pennies lol. Canada doesn't have them any more.

There was no snow where we stopped for the night at the end of day 3, did have a bit more snow a few hours down the road. It's still cold and windy.

North Dakota & South Dakota look a lot like Saskatchewan.

Oh Look! It's us! lol

I knew that there is a town named Coffee in Texas. But did you know that there is a Tea SD?

When the speed limit is 80 mph and you drive 65 mph, you get passed a lot. Sometimes more than once by the same vehicle.... how often do they stop?!

We listened to the radio for a bit, found a "program" called "A way with Words". It was quite interesting.

When a SUV passes you it's not supposed to smell like a home perm is it? Once you have had a home perm as a child you never forget that smell!

Why is it always so windy?

This field looked really cool with the frost on it.

Why is popcorn cheaper than potato chips? Good thing I like popcorn as a snack!

Tomorrow we will probably be in the camper for the night, so I will not have a post then.

Hope everyone has an amazing Monday!

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