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November Pattern Sale

Christmas is coming! So this month I thought I would offer some quick Christmas themed patterns on sale. The patterns would look great in any color. When you go to the listing you can see some photos that my testers have taken using different colors and yarn.

I created each pattern using Bernat Premium yarn, one of my favorite worsted weight yarns. Usually I don't try to make patterns/projects in Christmas colors, but these where the colors I had a lot of & they look so nice together :)

They could be crocheted with any yarn really, however if you change the yarn weight the sizes will also change.

Each pattern is $2 for the month of November. Click on the photo to go to the pattern, the coupon code is listed above each photo.


COUPON CODE: ChristmasThrow

COUPON CODE: ChristmasTwist

COUPON CODE: ChristmasScarf

COUPON CODE: ChristmasGloves

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