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My Favorite Blanket Yarn

Do you love to make blankets?

It took me a while to get into blanket designing. My attention span is not what it used to be, seems the older I get the less patient I am for large projects lol. A few years ago I did start to design blankets, I do love to make them, but need to do quite a few smaller projects in between so it takes a long time for me to finish a blanket.

Most of the blanket I create get donated to a senior's home. Some have gone to a hospice, and this past Christmas 4 went to Veterans as gifts.

My favorite yarn for blankets is Bernat Premium. LOVE this yarn for so many things. Blankets, scarves, beanies..... It's a super soft worsted weight yarn. Unfortunately the best place to buy it is Walmart & they don't always have a good selection of colors online. (I live 3.5 hours from the nearest Walmart so order everything). You can also buy it at Yarnspirations, but it's twice as much money per skein and their shipping costs are crazy high.

I'm also crazy about color and stripes! If you have any of my patterns you may have noticed this lol. Stripes are also a great way to use up all that left over yarn that is taking up space :)

These are some of my favorite designs using Bernat Premium yarn, they could be created with any worsted weight though. (click on photo to go to the pattern)

Another nice yarn for blankets is Caron One Pound. I have used it a few times now and still have some on a shelf that needs to be created into a blanket. It doesn't feel as soft as the Bernat Premium when you are working with it, but if you wash the blanket when it's finished the yarn is way softer and makes a very cozy blanket. It would be nice though if it came in more colors. Usually I purchase the yarn at but it can also be purchased at Yarnspirations, or sometimes at Walmart.

This blanket pattern hasn't been released yet. The plan is to release the pattern in June.

Red Heart Comfort is another yarn that works well for blankets. Again - it isn't as soft as the Bernat Premium, but it works. I've been lucky a few times at Walmart and they had this yarn in HUGE skeins, so I bought 4 in different colors and created 3 blankets. This yarn comes in way more colors than the Caron One Pound which is nice, but for me the yarn is a bit more scratchy. After washing it's a nice blanket.

Do you have a favorite yarn that you like to use for making blankets? I would love to know what it is and give it a try :) Just comment below, or send me an email. I will always respond.

Happy Blanket Making!

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Connie Dews
Connie Dews
19 apr. 2023

I really like the stripey one and the colors you chose for it. I'm going to have to add that to my list of must do this year projects.


Bobbie Huddleston
Bobbie Huddleston
16 apr. 2023
Beoordeeld met 5 uit 5 sterren.

I have never tried or seen this yarn that I remember. I need to look for it next time I go yarn shopping. It does look very soft. Might have to look it up for when I start my temp blanket. Thank you for sharing.


Beoordeeld met 5 uit 5 sterren.

You got me intrigued with the Bernat Premium, I will definitely try it when I get the chance. I like to try different yarn types, brands, weight …. And, so far I really liked working with one from Hobbii called Kind Feather, is very soft and works beautifully.

15 apr. 2023
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I have tried a few Hobbii yarns, but not that one. I will have a look on Hobbii :)

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