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Making a Blanket Pattern

Ever wonder what is entailed in making a blanket pattern? Or any crochet pattern? LOTS of trial & error lol

In the winter I decided that I would create 2 shawl patterns and 2 blanket patterns that would be gifts for 2 sets of Aunt & Uncles. The shawls were easier to figure out, the blankets are harder. What colors? Solid? Stripes? Long rows? Short rows? Vertical or horizontal pattern? Cables?

After looking at hundreds of stitch patterns I finally decided on cables for both patterns. I had enough yarn to finish one of the blankets in blue/grey/green stripes.

Have you heard of Stitch Fiddle? LOVE this site, it's a great way to figure out colors and what they might look like. This is what I came up with for this blanket. It did change a bit in the end.

The stitch pattern in the book bunched too much so I ended up unravelling 10 inches and starting again. I had to change the rows somewhat and add rows. Figured it out on Stitch Fiddle as well, though this might not make sense to anyone but me lol

At the end of July we are going to visit family and go to my niece's wedding. The blankets need to be finished by then. This one was finished in the first 3 weeks of May. June 1rst I will start the next blanket with a different cable pattern and in grey/burgundy/navy.

Hopefully I don't have to unravel too often! But I do know there will be some unravelling, there always is.... lol

These are the 2 shawl patterns, one has been tested the other will be tested in June. Watch for their pattern releases in fall.

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Melanie Titus
Melanie Titus
05 juin 2023
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I love the green and blue and white cable blanket Audrey!! I am just dying to test it, lol. I just love doing cables, no idea why, they calm me, lol. That shawl is just gorgeous!! Your Aunties and Uncles are going to be so ecstatic when they get their gifts!! The plaid looking blanket is going to be so nice too, I have used stitch fiddle to turn some pictures into graphs for me but never thought about plotting out colors on it before, huh. And color choosing has always been a sore spot for me, thanks so much for the tip!! Have a Wonderful week hon!!

13 juin 2023
En réponse à

Thank you Melanie! I love cables too, but I'm finding that they bother my left thumb, must be the way I hold the blanket?

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