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Living in a Camper

Warning! This is a long post :)

When Brad & I bought the camper we had never owned one before. We did a little tenting when our boys were young, but quickly learned we didn't like to sleep on the ground lol. Rented cabins a few times, but that was the extent of our "camping".

After travelling south a few times & staying in airbnb's we decided that it would probably cost less to buy a camper and pull it down to the southern US in the winter. The plan was to stay in the south for 5 months, that gets very expensive in airbnb's. We've always had good luck with the airbnb's, they are always nice but always missing things in the kitchen. How do you cook with 1 fry pan, 1 pot, no table spoons or mixing spoons, 2 forks, 2 knives, 1 teaspoon, a very small mixing bowl..... etc. Do guests take things with them when they leave? Or do the owners supply as little as possible?

So we bought the camper. Apparently people name theirs.... we haven't yet.

(the photos were taken in the summer at home)

Since we have the motorcycle we needed one that had a garage in the back. As you can see in the photo above, the back ramp also becomes a deck. We have used it a few times, but the weather hasn't been cooperating. When it is nice outside, we are either out for a walk, or out on the motorcycle. There is a screen "door" that comes down so bugs can't get in.

The back part has bunk beds that come down electronically. The bottom bunk also unfolds to couches that face each other. We have a table we put between them. This is where we eat and sit with our laptops. Should have taken the top bunk out and left it at home. It really cuts out the lights and makes the back dark in the evenings. There is a rug that we put down when we are parked so it's not a rubber floor under our feet.

When we first saw this camper I knew that it was the one I wanted :) It has opposing slides that make the kitchen area feel much larger, and a double door fridge!

When I was thinking about what to take along to use for cooking I was worried I wouldn't have enough space for everything. But it's worked out great! We actually have cabinet space that is empty! Probably helps that some of the cabinets are so tall I can't reach them lol. I did bring a stool along, even Brad has to use it for the really high cabinets.

Can you see the glass sink in the bathroom? I LOVED this sink when we first had the camper. It's so pretty :) However...... the first time you use it there are water spots everywhere! If you want to keep it looking pretty - you have to clean it every time you use it. It's still a nice sink though. There is a nice corner shower in the bathroom as well as the toilet. The toilet is quite tall, we feel like we are on tip toes when sitting on it. Then you go to a bathroom somewhere else and you feel like your knees are at your nose and the toilet is on the floor! lol

The bedroom slide has the dresser in it. Exactly what I wanted. Many people like the bed in the slide so they have "more" closet space. But we need drawers. Very few of our clothes need to be hung up. Mostly just jackets. The bed is a bit "crooked" in the corner. Does make it easier for me to get out when I have to go to the bathroom at night, and gives us a bit more space at the foot of the bed. We will be looking for a new mattress when we get back home. There is storage under the bed. No - you can not see a photo of my mess under there..... LOL. (lots of yarn, extra shampoo/soap/toothpaste, etc.

So - How do we like living in a camper? It's working out quite well. We have everything we need. Yes - it's just over 300 sq. ft., but do you really need more space? Some days it would be nice to have a bit more room for storing some things, we do have extra blankets, jackets etc in the truck, but over all it works. It might be nice to have more kitchen counter space, and a larger oven. But now I'm learning to cook for 2, not for 6 :) Brad is happy about that! He doesn't have to eat the same thing every other day for a week lol.

We have met many couples this winter who live full time in their RV. It's all they own, no house. They do have more things in the kitchen, very full cabinets, and their RV's have a bit more storage (also very full), but they love living this way. Most of them pick one campground where they spend 4 - 6 months in the winter, then once it starts to warm up further north they travel, or go park in a family member's yard for part of the summer.

When we get home our 910 sp. ft. home is going to feel HUGE! I know I will look in my kitchen cabinets and wonder "do I really need 200 pieces of tupperware"? Do we really need all those plates, mugs, casserole dishes, bowls etc. So many things I have at home that I have managed to live without. So many things that I only use once or twice a year. I think we will be going through the house and deciding "What do we really need"? There might be a garage sale in our future.

Could we do this full time? Sell everything and live in a camper? Not sure. Brad needs to have a shop. I would love more space for yarn. We have seen a few couples that live in a motor-home and pull a trailer with whatever they do for hobbies. We do need a place to put the motorcycle so we can take it along. We have talked about it, but both agree that this winter is an experiment and we will see how we feel when we have been back home for a while. "Home" - does it have to be a house? Or is it really "where you make it"?

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