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Last Motorcycle Ride in Texas

Today was our last motorcycle ride in Texas. We went out with a group of people from the campground. There were 5 Spyders, 2 Harley trikes and 2 Harley Motorcycles. The morning was a bit cool, but by after lunch it was 31C!

We stopped for lunch at a German Brewery. The food was good, very expensive, they made the bill for all 15 people and added a 20% tip..... I would like to tour the Brewery, but what it costs to eat there? nope. Brad & I each had the fried chicken sandwich with fries, I had water, Brad tried a beer. $51 later.....

Oh! We stopped at Luckenback! No..... we did not see Willie, Waylon or the boys :)

We saw a lot of pretty scenery as well!

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