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Last few days

It's been a slow few days here in southern Texas. The weather went from hot and sunny to cold and dreary. Not what we planned for our last couple of weeks here. We have managed to go out on the Spyder a few times. The trip to San Antonio was really cold though. The day time high was +11C! It was actually the same temperature at home! For the trip to San Antonio I wore 2 pairs of sweat pants and rain pants on top of that to try to stay warm. Almost succeeded.....

Did you know that Texas also has a Stonehenge? We drove out to see it last week. The plan had been to visit the Lost Maples park, but we were supposed to pay $6 to see maple trees.... nope. I can see maple trees at home for free lol

In San Antonio we went to see The Alamo (we had been told it wasn't as impressive as people think), but we enjoyed walking around and reading all the plaques about it.

If you are in San Antonio I highly suggest the river walk! It's a fun walk in a beautiful setting. We didn't do the whole walk, just one side.

There is one more day trip we hope to do on Saturday. So far they are saying it will be sunny that day with no chance of rain. Keeping our fingers crossed!

The plan is to start the drive home on Monday.

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