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July Newsletter

Oh my gosh! The year is 1/2 over! How did this happen? Grandma was right - Time really does fly when you get older lol.

So far spring/summer has been a mix of sun and rain. We definitely need the rain, don't care for forest fires. And rain days mean crochet days! I've been busy trying to use up all of the Bernat Premium I have and make room for something else. Still looking for the perfect all purpose yarn that is easy to get and has a lot of colors. I have a few options coming in the mail to try.... hopefully one of them is what I'm looking for.

July is such a busy month. This happens every year. I sign up for blog hops and sales only to find out that I may have taken on a few to many. They are a great way to keep me thinking about new patterns though.

Below you will find all of the hops/events that I'm part of for the month, and the links.

There will be a very special CAL coming in August! You don't want to miss that one.

I hope everyone has an amazing July!


July 1 - 25

Click on the graphic to go to Regina's Blog Post.


The whole month of July (Starts July 1).

Click on the graphic for the CAL.


July 7 - 19

Watch for more links coming.


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