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Donating Blankets

What do you do with the blankets you create? It's been a struggle for me, since I live in the middle of nowhere. I donate all of them, had a friend who came by a few times a year and I would send them along with her. But since I'm not sure when I will see her next I started to look into other places to donate.

Project Linus! Never knew that there were chapters in Canada, it was awesome to find a few. Of course none are anywhere near

We are going to Winnipeg Manitoba at the end of July for a wedding, found someone there who is part of Project Linus and will take all the blankets I have finished along and drop them off. Yahoo!

On the Canadian site they do have suggested sizes, so I will try to make blankets that size from now on. I noticed that they don't have sizes on the US site but they do have some patterns.

Over the past months I have been creating blanket patterns as part of the Blanket Challenge. So far I have 3 free patterns there. But more are coming :)

There are also free scarf & cowl patterns as part of the Scarf Challenge & Cowl Challenge. I just started the Cowl Challenge so there is only 1 pattern so far.

My plan is to alternate months between blankets, scarves and cowls. All the scarves, cowls and beanies I donate go to Chase the Chill in Edmonton Alberta. Thankfully, because I have a small business account with Canada Post, I can ship 1 package for free every Tuesday in October.

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