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Churches and Yarn

Yesterday was our first trip on the motorcycle since getting to Bandera. We came to this part of Texas because we heard the motorcycling riding was amazing.

We decided to do a bit of a loop that included a road labelled as "not for beginner riders". Well - we understand that now lol. For us it was no problem, we have done roads like this before, but for someone not used to twists, turns and hills.... better find a different way to Kerrville.

We are not in flat country anymore! It's great to see hills :)

Ranches out here love their fancy gates! We turned around so I could take a photo of this gate. Behind the gate was a large yard with one black pig, 3 sheep and 2 kangaroos. Yes..... Kangaroos, real ones.

Kerrville has a lot of pretty churches!

I heard about a wonderful yarn shop from another crochet designer. We happened to be with 10 miles on your ride yesterday so went to check it out. Of course I bought yarn! lol

It's the Tinsmith's Wife. They are online.

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