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Catching up on Life

Hubby pointed out the other day that I was not posting photos as often as I did last year. So I thought I should try and catch up a little.

Yes - I'm taking photos :) The weather has not been cooperating these past weeks. We will have 2 days of beautiful weather then 3-4 days of cold and wind. What is with the wind?!!!

We drove to Port Lavaca last week to get a few groceries and decided since it was a beautiful day to check out Magnolia Beach and Indianola. We want to camp at Magnolia Beach! According to the sign it's free for 2 weeks at a time. Oh.My.Gosh! No - there are no hook-ups, you are on your own. But who cares! It's beautiful!

There were campers of all shapes and sizes and even a tent.

It's a small community, no grocery or conveniences, but Port Lavaca is only about 15 minutes away.

This motorcycle with the sidecar was beautiful! Someone did an amazing restoration. The minion below is life size lol.

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Sharron Turner
Sharron Turner
14. Feb. 2023

Interesting! I enjoyed reading the historical plaque about the Camels. I never had heard about this. Thanks for sharing. Sharron Turner

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