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A few years ago hubby told me about a site called Boondockers Welcome.

It's a free site where you can book a night or more on someone's yard (for free). There are no hook ups for campers and some places have other rules about staying with them.... but it's FREE!

We joined Boondockers Welcome 3 or 4 years ago. The last bunch of years we might get 2 or 3 people staying, it was really slow. But this year has been so different! Everyone wants to travel this year lol. Since we are about the 1/2 way point between Jasper and Vancouver it's been a busy summer. We have had people stay from all over Canada, the US and even Israel! It's been great getting to know different people and hear their camping stories and learn some camping tips.

We bought our first camper in spring, still haven't used it lol, just trying to figure it out and do some minor "repairs".

Maybe we will get to go boondocking next winter on our way south. Who knows!

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