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An Afternoon at the Beach!

Yesterday was very hot and sticky. Seems the weather here is either cold and windy, or hot, sticky and windy..... always windy.....

The morning was spent doing things around the camper, campsite, and going for our morning walk. By lunch time I was ready for some cooler air! Back to the beach! It's about a 15 minute drive with the ferry in between, sometimes the ferry wait can be longer. But it's all worth it when you get there!

Oh it's still hot for us at the beach, but the breeze is much cooler. Wednesdays seem to be the best day for going to the jetty. There were hardly any people there! Since the breeze was so lovely we decided to see if we could walk to the end this time.

Lots of people fish off the jetty, apparently they catch quite a few fish! We met someone who had caught a 30 pound red fish the day before, and met another guy who was fishing for sharks off the back of his truck parked close to the water. He had also caught one the day before.

This poor woman though was having to fight with the pelicans for her catch of the day lol. On our way back we asked who won the fight.... the pelican lol The pelicans don't seem to be to worried about humans.

On the way to the end of the jetty we got to see a few ships go buy. Also a good day to see ships! We thought the wake they made would be enough to get the "walkway" wet, but it didn't splash to bad today.

We made it to the end! The walk is ok in some spots and in others you have to decide the best route through some huge rocks and spaces between them. If you ever go here - wear really good shoes! And watch out for the washed up jelly fish. We may have to drive to the jetty one day at high tide to see how covered in water it is!

The walk back to the motorcycle was very hot (with wind). I had brought along our thermometer to check the temps. I left it in the shade on the seat of the bike when we went out on the jetty, put it in the sun when we decided to get our feet wet and cool off.

The wait for the ferry was much longer on the way home! There was a lot of traffic on the channel and the ferry's do not get first priority lol. It's all good, waiting is teach all of us to be patient right? We chatted with a fisherman from Minnesota while we were on the jetty, one day he had to wait 1.5 hours for a ferry! Yikes! The longest we have had to wait is around 45 minutes so far.

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Looks like you are really having a good time despite the wind and humidity

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