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A New Sign

At the first campground we stayed in we saw quite a few cute metal signs that had names on them and a flag of some sort. We finally got around to asking people where they got the metal signs and found out they all got them from the same company.

Blessing Metal Works is a husband and wife business. When they retired from farming they started with metal work. They are no longer retired lol. They are crazy busy!

We got a tour of their shop and saw lots of different items they make. We sort of knew what we had in mind, but weren't sure about the cloth flags that most of the signs came with. We really wanted something that said we were Canadian, so I came up with the idea below.

We love our sign :) The little light at the top is solar. Now we just need sunshine!

You can find Blessing Metal Works on FB and also on Etsy. They do ship anywhere, even Canada!



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