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2 Sunny Days in a Row!

You have no idea how exciting it is to have 2 sunny days in a row! We have had more rain and dreary weather since we got here, than sunshine. This next week looks very promising though.

Yesterday was our anniversary, so we went out on the motorcycle, but ended up turning around at a small town because it was just to windy. The wind kept trying to push us off the highway! Not very much fun. We did see a beautiful old house in the small town that they are fixing, there was a plaque that says it was built in 1879. It had a beautiful view of a lake. Oh! And long horn cattle! (you know you are in Texas when... lol)

We went out to a cute cafe for dinner (since it was our anniversary). A few days ago while shopping at the grocery store across the street from the cafe someone struck up a conversation with me while standing in line. (happens a lot when I'm carrying the motorcycle helmet). He asked if we had been to the cafe yet & then mentioned it was one of the best places to eat in town. He was right about the food! We both love Mexican food and the prices were very reasonable. We might just have to go there for breakfast one day. Met a couple as we were walking into the cafe and they also have spyders :)

Today was a beautiful day so this afternoon we went back to Port Aransas to the Jetty hoping to see a ship leave or come into port. Got luck just before we were leaving. I googled the shoreline and it's 18 miles! We drove quite a bit of it today as well. There are places you can camp on the beach! Wouldn't that be fun?

We are used to people coming and chatting with us when we are on the Spyder. While sitting in line waiting for the next ferry someone walks up to us and says "Hello, I'm from Kelowna!". Kelowna is about 5.5 hours south of where we live. He was nice enough to take a photo for us. We also met a nice couple from Dawson Creek (7 hours north of our home). Canadians are everywhere! lol

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