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Where did the water go?

We went for another motorcycle ride the other afternoon. How do we decide where to go? Look on a map, find all the "white" roads (smaller roads), and make a loop. Well - I found some interesting roads that afternoon. Brad was pretty sure he heard banjos at one

We happened to see signs for the Medina Dam. We knew the lake had dropped significantly over the last years because of the drought in Texas. But seeing it.... oh my gosh. I really had to zoom in from where I was standing. You can see how far the water has dropped. The lake must have been beautiful when it was full.

The Medina Dam has no water on either side.

We also saw this cute church :) Texas has SO many churches.

And of course there are cows! We rode over many cattle gates, and saw the "open range cattle" sign quite often. Finally saw cattle beside the road!

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