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Unisex Baby Blanket

Don't you just love a striped blanket?! It's a great way to use up yarn, or just to create a project that is colorful and fun.

I love stripes & color! Just happened to have these colors on hand (for a long time lol), and finally figured out what I wanted to create with them :) It was a great blanket to donate.

Unisex Striped Baby Blanket. This is a very pretty pattern with a hint of lace. Perfect for either a boy or girl, just change the stripe colors. This looks amazing in a solid color or even self striping yarn. Quick and easy row repeat. Beginner friendly.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry Here:

Use this coupon code for 30% off until the end of May 12, 2023: StripedBlanket

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