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Rockport TX

The city of Rockport is about 15 minutes east of where we are camping. It's quite a bit larger than Aransas Pass. Quite touristy. We have been to Rockport before, just driving around.

There happens to be a market on Saturdays so of course we had to check it out! There were quite a few vendors, I was pleasantly surprised. Even on from Canada!! They are selling alcohol infused maple syrup. We got a taste test, not too bad. Most of the vendors where making their own products. There were a few that left tags on, and they said "made in china"..... that was disappointing.

We did walk around an older part of town with cute shops and places to eat. It felt a lot like Jasper & Banff, in that the shops had a lot of the same things....and priced for tourists.

There was one amazing shop though! I talked to one of the owners for quite a while. She and her twin sister own the shop, it's all artists from around Rockport (18 artists), everything is made by hand. My kind of store! I did buy some hand lotion :)

If you are ever in Rockport you need to go to Pier 77 for lunch! This was our 2nd time at the restaurant, first time was in Feb. We had the fried fish. You will need to share! The portions are huge!

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Claire Harrison
Claire Harrison
Dec 19, 2022

Must say I'm enjoying your posts on your trip a nice way to see the world from the safety of my home.

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