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Palacios Boardwalk

Brad & I went for a walk yesterday & I took my camera along. It wasn't sunny, so the photos are a bit dull. Will take photos again another day when the sun is out.

There is a great boardwalk along the shoreline that goes for a couple of miles I think. It's only a few blocks from the campground. On the way back to the camper we walked down one of the streets. It's a cute town. We were here last year for 2 weeks, liked the town so came back for a month this time.

Apparently you can "buy" a board on the pier and put peoples names on it. Or when you had your 2nd date? (wonder if they are still together?)

Some houses we saw along the way that we found interesting.

When we were here last year we got to tour the hotel. Wonder what happened?!

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What a cute town and camp grounds. Do they get hurricanes in that area? That hotel looked beautiful. Hope they didn’t go out of business. Our state fair has “Bricks and Park Benches” you can purchase for loved ones current or in memory. I want to get a bench. We love our State Fair and I want a bench with our name on it!

Jan 22, 2023
Replying to

Oh- you should absolutely get a bench!

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