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On the Road Day 2

Apparently the windshield wiper on my side of the truck doesn't always work properly. This was my view this morning.

We stopped for lunch about 4.5 hours later, cleaned the windshield but because of the wet roads it looked like this most of the day.

Can't say there is that much to see in Saskatchewan.... lot's of wide open space.

In Manitoba & Saskatchewan almost every small town had a grain elevator. They sure have changed over the years. Now if you see an old one (first photo) it's probably privately owned. All the major grain companies have "inland terminals" (2nd photo)

Saskatoon needs a ring road. We have to drive into town, make a tight left turn from one small street to another street then stop at a bunch of lights to get to the part of the road through town that is called Circle Drive. It's ok in a car or pickup, but not so much fun in a semi.

We followed this guy for a bit through the city. It made us laugh.

There are so many trains! So much graffiti. Sure would be nice to be able to read it lol.

We are hoping for a good drive tomorrow. Maybe get out of the snow? lol

If the weather is warmer we will be staying in the camper so I won't have internet. Will have to post Day 3 & 4 on Sunday.

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Claire Harrison
Claire Harrison
Oct 28, 2023

Just wondering if you are going to the same places as last year or different ones?

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