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On The Road Again Day 1

Are we there yet? The worst part about leaving for the winter is the 5-6 day drive to get there! Because of the way we get to TX we are in Canada for 2 days, then cross into the US.

There is so much to try and remember when you pack for a 5 month vacation. I think we remembered everything....

Bye Bye Mountains. This is Mount Robson this morning.

We really wanted to leave before it snowed, didn't quite make it. Drove in snow today as well, looks like it snowing in Saskatchewan tomorrow as well :(

What do you do while driving? I'm always the passenger, get car sick easily so that really limits what I can do. Nap?..... lol That is hard to do on Alberta highways. They are terrible!

We did get to see some sheep in Jasper park. All traffic came to a stop as they crossed the highway.

We also saw huge flocks of geese getting ready to fly south. Do you ever wonder if they have crashes while flying? Sometimes it looks like they are just flying willy nilly, like they found some fermented barley on a field lol

Since it's so cold we are staying in hotels the first 2 nights. Hopefully the 3rd night it's warm enough for us to sleep in the camper.

The camper was clean when we left home.

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Sharron Turner
Sharron Turner
27 oct. 2023
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Have safe travels! Hugs

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