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November Newsletter

Someone suggested that I do a newsletter post each month on my blog..... but what do I write about? lol

Hubby & I are now in Texas for the winter. So life is a bit different..... living in a camper, no routine (yet), less room to spread out my yarn and supplies LOL It's good to be back here though! I can honestly say I do not miss the snowy winters in British Columbia.

Yes - I brought yarn from home :) Not as much as last year though. I was more particular about what I packed this year. Really want to try some different yarns from Herrschners, Joanns & LoveCrafts, so need to save space for those yarns. Shipping costs to Canada are insane, so looking forward to ordering yarn here and getting cheap or free shipping.



We all love to acquire new crochet patterns at a really good price. The Jingle Bell Crochet Pattern Hop has begun with 21 amazing patterns at 50% off!

You can find the pattern links & coupon codes at the Crochet Designer Community FB page from November 1-21.

Here are a few of the patterns that will be available.

You can get a reminder each day in the main Canoe Mtn Designs FB group:

I have 2 patterns in the hop.

A beanie (Nov 4), and a blanket (Nov 17).


After the Blog Hop is over I will have 2 more pattern releases. One free scarf pattern, and a shawl/wrap pattern.


That is the end of this newsletter. I did manage to find something to write about!

Have an amazing month!

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Joan Thauberger
Joan Thauberger
Nov 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hope you have a safe winter in Texas ❤️

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