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My Crochet Journey

My crochet journey actually started in Bible School when I was 24 years old. A friend taught me the single crochet & I made a blanket. My favorite colors back then where burgundy, pink & white. Pink?! Yikes.... lol

It was another 20 or so years before I would crochet again. Not sure why I didn't keep it up. Maybe because everyone I knew knitted. Knitting wasn't/isn't for me. (My grandma tried to teach me to knit when I was young. The tension was too tight and I kept loosing stitches on the ends and would have a small triangle as my finished item lol.)

One day while picking up the mail at the local post office I was chatting with one of the people who worked there. She knew that I crocheted and mentioned that she started to crochet as well. Whenever she found some really inexpensive yarn she would crochet a scarf and donate it to a homeless shelter in the city. It was something for her to do while watching tv with her husband in the evenings.

What an awesome idea!!! I can do that! Watching tv isn't always my cup of tea..... it's hard for me to sit in one spot and stare at the tv lol. So I bought a 5mm crochet hook, some cheap yarn & went to youtube for a refresher course on stitches. It didn't take long for me to pick it up, seems I have a knack for crochet. Who knew? Scarves started to get boring, so I moved on to hat patterns I could find for free. Let me tell you..... the first top down hat I made was scary! Trying to figure out how to make a circle bigger, then make it look like a hat?

After crocheting for a few years and "fixing" or changing the patterns I purchased or found for free, I figured I could probably design a pattern. I was right :) Truthfully I don't remember how I decided on the stitches I used. But the Crystal Ridge Hat turned out pretty good I think :)

Since then I have purchased many crochet stitch books, taught myself to read stitch diagrams, & have gone crazy designing (at least that's what my husband thinks lol). You can read about some of the stitch books I have in these Blog Posts. I need to write a few more reviews for the other books I have, will put that on my "to-do" list.

If you don't read stitch diagrams I strongly suggest learning! It opens a whole new world in crochet. All my crochet stitch books have diagrams so I don't have to read the instructions. Not a fan of how other people write patterns.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me!

Next week I will do a post on my design process.

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