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May Give Away & Sales


Enter below! If the entry form doesn't open for you try this link:


May's $2 Pattern!

This is a fun hat to make that uses up those scrap pieces of yarn you have taking up room in your house. Great project for Charity hats!

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry:

Use the coupon code: Random


In May I'm part of the Spring into Summer Crochet Pattern Hop on FB!

There are 15 amazing designers offering beautiful patterns for sale and some for free.

Click on either graphic below to go to the FB Group that will be hosting the hop.

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Thanks so much for the opportunity to win some of your amazing patterns! I’m excited for the blog hop as well!


01 במאי 2023
דירוג של 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

Beautiful designs coming up in the new blog hop!!!

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