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March Newsletter

We are starting the 3rd month in 2024! How has your year been so far? Is it starting to warm up where you live? This has been a crazy winter weather wise.... lol

We are changing campgrounds today. Moving from Palacios TX to Bandera TX. Last March we were also in Bandera. Very different scenery, hills, rocks & trees lol. No water to look at each day, but also hoping for less wind! We come to Bandera mostly for the motorcycle riding. Great twisty roads :) March is our last month in the US. April 1 we will start the drive home.

Considering February was a short month I managed to get quite a few patterns finished! February was the month of the beanie.... don't know why, but sometimes I get stuck on a certain type of project for a while. Also manages to get a few ear warmer patterns finished as well as a shawl. Here is a sampling:

On Sunday is another "Find the Gnome" game! Be sure to watch for that blog post. Also in March there will be another $2 Pattern Sale Event: All about New Arrivals!

There will be at least 5 new pattern releases. Three of the new patterns are FREE patterns with 1 of those being another Weekend CAL.

Do you have crochet projects you hope to finish this month? What are they?


In one of my groups I asked the question "what would you like to know about me". Here is the answer to the next question:

"How long were you crocheting before you started designing, and what prompted you to start designing?"

Hmmm - I had to think about this one. I'm pretty sure I started to crochet in 2008. The first pattern I released was in January 2018. So that means I crocheted for about 10 years before I started designing.

You would not believe how many patterns I have in my Ravelry library, and how many I've purchased! After years of crocheting other designer's patterns and making adjustments so they worked for me, or deciding that the pattern could be written differently, I thought it was something I could do!

When I started designing I was working for the local Snowmobile Club selling trail passes out in the middle of nowhere. I was stuck in a small heated shack from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm 5 days a week. Thankfully I could bring along my crocheting to entertain myself. There were many days when I would see only a few people so had a lot of time to think and create.

My first pattern was the Crystal Ridge Beanie!

Those were the days when I only made 1 size, hadn't figured out how to do multiple sizes yet. Looks like texture has always been important to me lol.

That's it for another month. Thank you so much for reading this and for all your support & friendship. I hope everyone has a marvellous March!

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