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I'm Audrey & I'm Addicted to....


You thought I was going to say "Yarn" didn't you?! lol

Well - I am addicted to yarn as well, but I really seem to have a bag problem! Can you ever have too many bags? You need 1 bag for each project right?!

I started collecting bags many years ago, have kept a few from that time. But when I started crocheting.... well, the collection grew. Some where gifts and some of the bags I purchased. One is actually a basket that was purchased at a local store in Valemount. If they weren't so expensive I would have more of these, they do come in different sizes! The polka dot bag was a gift. It has individual compartments for holding skeins of yarn. Very nice when you are doing a multicoloured project. The grey round one is one of my favorites. Holds small projects, but you can still get 4-6 skeins of yarn in it. The purple one on the right has some compartments an open section. (I will post purchase links at the bottom or the post).

My newest purchase is the backpack in the last photo. It's quite a bit larger than I thought it would be, has so much storage room! This will be perfect for when I go to Crafty Stitchers with my bicycle :)

Do you have a bag for each project? What is your favorite bag?

As I was looking for links to the bags on Amazon I found so many beautiful yarn bags..... I.NEED.TO.STOP!

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