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How Many Projects is too Many?

Oh dear..... I think I have too many projects! Usually I try to have only 3 going at a time, but after going through my yarn at the end of May and seeing all the yarn that needs to be used before I start using new yarn..... I think I may have a problem.....

For some reason I thought having 7 projects (1 for each day of the week) was a good idea and would keep me from getting bored with one project. Not sure this was the best idea I've had lol.

Monday: Light Purple Shawl

Tuesday: Baby Scrap Blanket

Wednesday: whatever I feel like crocheting

Thursday: Teal Shawl

Friday: Ear Warmers (with left over yarn of different weights)

Saturday: Pink Scarf

Sunday: Scrap Beanies

I do have 2 medium size bags of left over scraps of the Bernat Premium that I will be using as well for the blanket and beanies.

Maybe 2025 will be the year of Scrap Yarn CALS! What do you think?

How many projects do you usually have going at the same time? Do you get them all finished?


June 14




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