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Hopes & Dreams Beanie

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (getting a mammogram today!), I decided that all the patterns I release this month will be $2 for the whole month. This way no one misses the sale :)

The first pattern is a beanie. Quick and easy to create, the pattern is written in 4 sizes.

Hopes & Dreams Beanie. This is a beautiful textured beanie created for October Breast Cancer Awareness month. The folded brim adds extra warmth to the cozy beanie. Easily adjusted to any size. Create it in solid colors, variegated yarn or even self striping yarn. A wonderful gift.

I used Bernat Premium yarn for the beanies, one of my favorite yarns. Super soft. I picked these two colors because they went together well & I had quite a bit of each color, not thinking about releasing the pattern in October lol.

It's a great beanie for a cancer patient. It has lovely texture with very few holes, so their head will stay nice and warm. If I crochet a beanie for me it always has a folded brim so my ears are warmer.

You can find the pattern here for $2 all month! Don't forget to tell your friends :)




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